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Next Lost Creek GWMD Water Board Meeting
Mar 29, 2024
12:00 AM
American Legion Post 180 Keenesburg
Next Groundwater Commission Meeting
Feb 23, 2024
5:00 PM
Town of Castle Rock Utilities Department 175 Kellog Ct. Bldg 171, Castle Rock, CO

Meetings are held in West Administrative building closest to North Liggett Road

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Designated Groundwater Basins are regions of the state where most of the consumed water is accessed from wells rather than lakes, ponds, or streams. Under a formal process prescribed by state law, these basins are declared to contain designated groundwater. Designated Basin Management Districts, in coordination with the State Division of Water Resources, Colorado Groundwater Commission, and State Engineer, develop their own standards and processes for determining rights to groundwater in alluvial aquifers as well as deeper “bedrock” aquifers within district boundaries.

The Lost Creek Designated Basin and Lost Creek Groundwater Management District were formed and authorized by Colorado Revised Statues, Title 37, Article 90, Section 118. The role of the LCGWMD is to ensure protection of water rights granted through the Colorado Groundwater Commission and Colorado Division of Water Resources.

The Lost Creek Groundwater Management District formulates and ensures enforcement of rules and regulations for groundwater appropriation and protection of both quantity and quality of water resources in the district.

The seven-member Management District Board meets monthly to review determinations of water right, changes of use, well permitting, and other issues affecting groundwater consumption changes and effects on quantity and quality of water available within the basin.

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Lost Creek Groundwater Management District